Last week I finished this book from another young writer Rahul Saini (like Chetan Bhagat and Tushar Raheja). Rahul, an architect by profession, wrote this book as one item of his 24-THINGS-TO-DO list. So, how come I read this book? Actually I was at Hyderabad airport and waiting for my delayed flight. Little distraction here, Hyderabad airport is amazing and is really one of the best airports in world as verified here. I went to the book shop at airport and grab it. I didn't have any background of this book but I thought that this is the one, I can finish in my 2 hr flight. Though, I couldn't finish that book in flight as I prefer sleeping to reading.

This is more of a coffee table book than a story book like those from contemporary writers. You can read any chapter of this book any time and you need not to turn pages to find references of the character. Though there are exceptions but it works mostly. Another good thing is that no chapter (with very few exceptions) is longer than 3-4 pages or less than that. The story-line (do you smell oxymoron) is something that everyone can relate but is a bit flimsy. The protagonist is a guy, who doesn’t have any male friend. Believe me, this book refers to a lot of friends but I didn't find any male in the crowd of those female friends. This is very unlikely for a guy, who has been in hostel for 4 years of his B.Arch. If you can digest this then another thing is that this book has some coincidences which are possible but very rarely.

Another discussion should be on the style of writing. It seems that the author has done a lot about change of style in writing. He showed great effort in changing font style, font case, paragraph style, boldness, italicizing etc. Which sometimes annoys you and sometimes helps you? But editing is a place where the writer/publication didn't give a look. You can find some spelling mistakes and some other editing havoc in the book. They are very few instances of editing problems but those restrict a book from becoming good.

Overall, it's a time-pass read and the best thing is that you can read it anytime.

PS: This is completely irrelevant but I want to write it here coz I won’t write a different post for this. Hyderabad is a place of amazing airport, great roads and strange markets. And believe me that the traffic police in Hyderabad look like mine workers by their dress and the hat/cap acts like a catalyst to the effect.