I wanted to write many things on this blog but I could not because of lack of time these days. I just want to enumerate those things which I could not write so that if I will get time in future, I will write about those. So what all I wanted to write about is:

  1. The Rickshaw-waala outside Adobe building in Noida, who plays a flute almost daily. He truly enjoys life and gives pleasure to others. There was a lot he offers to learn.
  2. My change of workplace.
  3. The last movie I went with my friends@Adobe: DASVIDANIYA.
  4. Trip to Hyderabad.
  5. My farewell, which my Adobe friends organized for me.
  6. The last (almost)night-out@Adobe (Bhavya's bowling style, Abhinav's baloon shaped human face and Kshitiz's MASTANASAUR).
  7. The lad who was asking for money to have dinner and was ready for momos when I offered him the egg-role.
  8. And many other things, I am not able to recall this time…

I shall edit this post if I recall more things later on…