I am back after a long break but still I believe that I will not be as regular as I was in the past. There are many reasons for it and I am not getting enough time for writing regularly. I hope that everything will get settled in next few weeks and I will write much regularly as I'm doing now days. Also, I am not going to list the changes with me in past few weeks but a change in the attitude of daily-earners of our society.

Foreigners always think India as a land of snack-charmers, the poor and beggars. Though I am not a supporter of this theory but it is true to some extent at least to the beggar thing. Every time you stop at a red light or coming out of a temple a hand will come towards you to beg. Sometimes the owner of that hand carries a baby in her (mostly her) lap or the owner is itself a baby. But what I saw in last few days, since I started going to work on bike riding 45 kilometres daily early in the morning in this winter, I realized that the young genre of these poor has a lot of respect in themselves. In Delhi, it is not common that you get a boy with a cloth in his hand and start clearing your car/bike on a red light. But I have seen a lad daily on a red light clearing people’s vehicle and then forward his hand. Though it is also a forced employment but much better than begging.

Though I didn’t contribute anything but I really admire the self-respect of that boy and hope that other will also get inspired form him.