I like Mondays as a normal weekday but my reasons of not liking it if I have to go to work:

Traffic: Seems people sleep with boots on Sunday night so that they can start at 6:00 am on a Monday morning for work. Anytime of the day, you will get busy roads, polluted atmosphere, honking, jams... blah!!! blah!!! blah!!!

Radio: Monday is like a nightmare for those who depend on their car radio on the way to office. Seems all the RJs go on rest after a tiring weekend to let housekeeping guys take control of the recording rooms. Pathetic songs…

Rains add-on: As if this is not enough, Indra dev is in full mood this season and promised India not to let a single soul remain sundrenched.

CWG 2010 Zindabad: A few years back, when Delhi grabbed the CWG 2010; Delhites thought that Delhi will be more beautiful and better place to live. But all those hopes are fading like ashes with current situation. Debris all around, incomplete work everywhere etc etc… Now Delhites are living in fear if the work would ever complete after CWG... (Delhi Metro* is an exception)

People eat and breathe work: On Mondays, everyone seems eating and breathing work. Whether it’s lunch table, a walk out, way going to work, way returning from work, new papers, RJs, tele-marketeers, mailbox, internet, Facebook, IM everywhere... Work related talks are part of air and enter your nostrils forcefully even if you are armored with a mask.

PS: The good thing is that you see fresh faces on Mondays :D

* I am a big fan of Delhi Metro and this is the only project which looks like fulfilling its promises and make travel better.