Since last two weeks, I am experiencing something kinda vehicle curse. Following is the list of events, which happened to me during a 5-day period:

Thursday: Bike got punctured at a river bridge (Kalindi Kunj) with no mechanic around. Had to pull it over a huge distance only to know that about tube change: 350 bucks, 1 hour

Sunday Morning: Bike slipped coz of rain on a beautiful morning: Helmet visor and some parts of bike broken: ~1000 bucks, 2 hours

Sunday Evening: My brother was going to Gzb railway station to drop our parents; hit in to a car; had a big fight and our car to be repaired as well: amount unknown, 1 hour

Monday: Parked my car @ office with headlights ON; dried out of battery; got it charged with a Ford Endeavor Battery: 100 bucks, 1 hour

A few months back, a dog came under the wheel when I was driving. We were at a highway @ 90 kmph and few meters away from the vehicle forward to ours. As soon as the forward vehicle passed, that stray dog jumped in between and we had no option but to run over it otherwise people next to us would be pleased to bump into our car…

Either it is a dog curse or some other reason; I am very much frightened of driving these days… Someone please offer me lift to and from work…