Last Sunday, a new member joined our fleet of vehicles. Yes, it was a new Santro that arrived in our life that day.

You might have seen the TV commercial for Santro: "Santro waale hamesha khush...". But initial events didn't make us happy at all. We hope everything to stay fine now on.

So this all started when after a lot of hassles in loan and other formalities, we went to the showroom for the delivery of our car. Bhabhi noticed a very small dent (almost unnoticeable) at side bottom. We raised our concern to the dealer and denied to take the delivery. After a lot of discussion, Dealer agrees to get the dent removed in first service and also offer us free gear lock as a compensation for the problem we faced. Finally, we got the delivery of the car with a snap of us and a packet of chocolate cookies :)

In our return journey, I was driving the new car with bhabhi seated on front co-passenger seat and bhai was following us in our beloved first car. On a red-light, a traffic policeman stopped and we were all confused that now what's going to be the next. He came to us and pointed that "you (Bhabhi) have not tightened seat belt.” But since bhabhi was in a ladies suit - so the seat belt was hidden behind her dupatta and policeman failed to notice that. After that, nothing happened till we reached out home and than go to a temple to get pooja done.

But this was not all and the God-of-vehicles has some more surprises in store for us. Panditji did swastiks on bonnet and dashboard. We were done with pooja with bhai driving the car on four lemons under each wheel. When we were paying dakshina to panditji, someone shut the car door with lock on and key were inside the car. Since we were just coming for the showroom, all the keys were in single key-chain. Now the keys were inside the car and the car was locked. This was the worst, we had expected with a new car. Now, everyone present there and passing by started giving advice how to unlock the car.

We found a metal wire near by and tried to open the car door, but it didn't help. Finally, we removed the bead at front door and try unlocking using that metal wire. That laso not helped and to add more frustration, that wire stuck inside. Then a young guy appeared and advised to use scale in place of wire and he himself tried to unlock the door. A scale was arranged from a near by restaurant and the car got unlocked... SIGH!!!

By, God' grace, everything is fine since then and we hope everything to stay fine in future too. So guys, what are you waiting for? Wish us happy miles :)