There are movies, every time you watch them and you like it more and especially when you watch it twice on consecutive days. Delhi6 is a movie which belongs to this genre. I was waiting for this movie eagerly and I have seen this movie consecutively on last Saturday and Sunday and found it equally appealing in both attempts.

I don’t want to play a spoilsport and narrate the story. In fact there is nothing you can tell about the movie and that can play the spoiler. This movie is very predictable and still doesn’t kill the curiosity. Like ‘Chak De’ and ‘Lagaan’, everyone knows about the result but still their heart pounds heavily on every Shot-Goal-Run. The concept is awesome and direction is out of words. This film shows how a Muslim can be a devotee of lord Hanuman and how the childhood friends can go after each others life when it comes to their religion. This is a movie with some of the most amazing songs and dialogues in recent past. I can’t help myself praising the dialogues of the movie every now and then... And there is nothing left to say about the songs.

Some of the dialogues, which I want to write at this point but you can relate it better when you watch the movie:

"Nal mein paani ho na ho, aankhon ka paani hamesha barasne ko taiyaar rehta hai".

"Yahan Bhagwaan bhi KURSI ka matlab jaante hai"

“Jis din Ek NOTE le leta, Do SIKKE milna band ho jaate”

“izhaar kar do barkhurdar, varna hamari tarah khali haweliyaan kharidate reh jaayoge” (don’t remember exactly)

"Main ye nahi jaanti ki mujhe kya chahiye, par ye jaanti hoon ki kya nahi chahiye."

Also I was surprised to see that “Rehna Tu” song is not for Sonam Kapoor, watch and find for whom it is...

Also like he did in ‘RDB’, Rakeysh relate every event with the events of RAMAYAN and that too not in RDB style. In RDB there was a background scene for relation with the freedom struggle but here the director chose to go with Ramlila. Ramlila is shown so beautifully that I have already made my mind to go there once in upcoming season.

This is a movie, to which every Indian (Delhite more specifically)can relate no matter if he is an absolute Indian or an NRI. The feelings have been shown beautifully and the director believed in the power of expressions more than the power of words. Sonam Kapoor is looking like totally opposite as she was in ‘Saawariyan’ and in my opinion everyone will like this new Sonam more than the ‘Saawariyan’ one. This new Sonam looks more promising and has shown that she can perform if directed well. This bubbly and cheerful girl surely deserves the accolade. Abhishek Bachchan, Om Puri, Divya Dutta, Deepak Dobriyal, Vijay Raaj and Atul Kulkarni also delivered some good performances.

On the other hand, I felt that the movie was a bit fast in first half and a bit slow in the second half. There was an extra stretch of 15-20 minute which can be omitted and can convert it in a better art. Also I didn’t like the climax, I felt that the hero should not get life-after-death. If the movie ended at the shotgun sound, it could create more impact than it did. And that is something, which keeps RDB better than this. Also I would like the album of Delhi6 more if they could include the Ramlila tracks in that.

On a final note, it's a worth watch and you should go for it:

"kaun jaye ae zauk, ye dilli ki galiyan chhorh kar"

PS: For Adobe guys only, for me the climax of Saturday show was when we met Raman just outside the hall.