Because of space crunch, two of my friends share a cubicle in office . They developed a very good understanding sitting in the same cubicle and evolved a new concept of CUBE-CHARA (derived from bhai-chara)... Here are some definitions, 3 of us evolved...

Cube-Chara: Two buffaloes in same cubicle and happily share their food (chara) ...

Derived words:

  • Cu(Kyu)-Bechara: (why 2 buffalos are living on the diet of only one)
  • Cabin-chara: Ca-bin-chara: ke-bin-chara: BAKRI(hidden)-ke-bin-chara

Anti-cube-chara: I heared this word today and two meanings came in my mind:
  1. Two buffaloes share cube but not share chara
  2. Two buffaloes in different cubes sahre their chara
But actual meaning, I got from one of the buffaloes, was almost similar to my 1st perception: Two buffaloes share a cube but one buffalo eats all the chara (poor second buffalo na :P)