Bhavya daily sends a good morning mail to all of her friends. Below is from her good morning mail on last Friday and I really found it worth sharing it with everybody.

Something interesting I heard on the radio this morning:

Female RJ: A woman’s weight varies with her relationship status. At the beginning of a relationship, it reduces. When the relationship becomes a little stable, it increases. When her wedding approaches, it starts to reduce again. Once the wedding is over, it increases again. When she is expecting, it increases. Once she has her baby, it reduces.

Male RJ: So a woman’s weight is just like the woman – confused!!!

Later I came to know that this was from an article in that day newspaper. But, I am more than happy to see that finally women start coming out of their female chauvinist nature and ready to that they are confused. I hope that all men would be agree with this female RJ :)