This is an entry stolen from the blog of one of my very dear friend. She had written some poetry on her blog and instantly some lines came in mind. I didn't take a moment in showing my poetic talent and scribbling in the comments. Here I present the original entry as well as my poetic answer to that:

Original entry:

Koi fariyaad is dil se nikalti hai
Us dil tak nahin pahunchti
Is dil ke toot jaane ke darr se
Ye zubaan bhi nahin khulti

Paas reh kar bhi

Ehsaas hai door hone ka
Jo ab tak apna hua hi nahin
Jaane kyon darr hai uske khone ka
My Reply:
Use kho kar kahan jaayoge tum,
Jitna door jaayoge, utni paas use payoge tum,
Na kehna behtar hai use khone se,
Kam se kam paas hone ka ehsaas to hai...

You can find the original blog post here...